We are a social welfare organization that operates Disability Welfare Facility in Kyoto.


Karashidane News

Find the latest updates and information from Karashidane here. Back issues are also available.

CLC Karashidane Bookshop

Communication Center of Typography and Literary Culture.

Cafe Triangle

A cafe space where you can relax with a book in hand.

Luch Box Delivery

Handmade Lunch Box Prepared with Passion. Delivered Straight to Your Home.

Karashidane Works
Karashidane Works

We supports your motivation to work.

からしだねの癒し犬 デブからしだねの癒し犬 デブ

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* The parking lot is located across the road in front of Karashidane, on the left side the alley by Doi Auto.

Transportation Guide

Coming from JR Kyoto Station: Take the Biwako Line or Kosei Line bound for Shiga and alight at Yamashina Station. Transfer to the Subway Tozai Line bound for Rokujizo and get off at Ono Station. It takes approximately 20 minutes. Exit 1 of the Subway Tozai Line Ono Station, it’s a 1-minute walk south along the Outer Ring Road.

Driving: Exit the Meishin Expressway at Kyoto-Higashi IC and head south on the Outer Ring Road.


Kyoto City Yamashina Kanshuji Higashide-cho 75 Karashidane-kan
Social Welfare Organization Mission Karashidane

Karashidane Center  TEL (075) 574-2800
Karashidane Works  TEL (075) 574-4455 FAX (075) 574-0025
CLC Karashidane Book Store TEL (075) 574-1001