We are a social welfare organization that operates Disability Welfare Facility in Kyoto.


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Karashidane Works
Karashidane Works

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からしだねの癒し犬 デブからしだねの癒し犬 デブ


Job Assistance Program ( Karashidane Works)

What kind of tasks are available?

Cleaning, laundry, data entry, office work, cafe service, cooking, lunch box delivery, etc. There’s a wide range of jobs from sedentary tasks to more physical ones.

Is there a pick-up service? Can I commute by bike, bicycle, or car?

We do not offer a pick-up service. Due to limited parking, we ask that you use public transportation.

How much is the wage for Type B?

During the 12-day new employee training, the hourly wage is 100 yen. Afterwards, it varies based on the job, ranging from 150 yen to about 350 yen.

Can I do the job I want to do?

We try to prioritize your preferences, but after the 12-day new employee training where you’ll get to experience various tasks, we will discuss and decide together.

Do I have to work every day?

It depends on the individual’s physical condition and situation, but we typically start with about 3 hours, 3 days a week. Depending on the task, it’s usually within the timeframe of 9:30 am to 5:30 pm.

Can I try out the service?

We do not offer trial use. Before joining, you can only take a tour. After the contract is signed, we conduct a 12-day “new employee training” during which you will have the opportunity to experience various tasks.

What’s the difference between Type A and Type B?

In Type A, you are treated as a “worker” as defined by the Labor Standards Act. Minimum wage is guaranteed, and based on conditions, you might join employment insurance, health insurance, and the welfare pension. An employment contract is also established. In Type B, while receiving vocational training, profits (after deducting necessary expenses from sales) are distributed among all users as wages.

I want to work in Type A.

First, we’d like you to use Type B, and then demonstrate if you can work in Type A. Afterwards, you will have an interview for employment, and if you pass, you will be employed in Type A.

What type of disabilities are eligible for the service?

Our primary target is individuals with mental disabilities. Please consult with us for further information.

Is it possible for those living outside of Kyoto City to use the service?

Yes, it is possible. However, as a general rule, you will be responsible for your transportation costs. Some municipalities offer transportation subsidies, but please contact us for details.

What procedures are necessary before using the service?

First, please contact us by phone, and then send us the necessary documents for your visit, called “Inquiry Form.” During your tour, we will explain the environment and atmosphere of Karashidane Works. After seeing it firsthand, please consider whether you would like to proceed with the application. We will provide detailed explanations about subsequent procedures during your visit.

Consultation Support Service (Karashidane Center)

What kind of consultations can be made at the support center?

For example:

① Facing daily challenges due to illness or disability.
② Wanting to work, but finding it difficult to take up a job through general recruitment, and wanting to consult about employment methods suitable for the current situation.
③ Uncertainty regarding systems like disability certificates or disability pensions.
④ Unsure how to interact with a family member with an illness or disability.
⑤ Considering living alone, but anxious about managing due to illness or disability.

Can anyone consult?

Sure. Anyone is welcome to consult with us.

I want to consult; what should I do?

We accept consultations via phone or email at any time. If you wish to visit or request a house call, please contact us in advance to arrange an appointment.。

Luch Box ( Bento ) Delivery Service

I want to use the service. Who should I talk to?

Please consult with your care manager first. After consultation, either the care manager or the user/family member can contact us, and we’ll proceed with the necessary arrangements.

Do you only deliver lunch? I also want dinner.

We apologize, but we only offer lunch.

When are your off days?

Saturdays, Sundays, year-end and New Year holidays, and the third Thursday of every month. We do deliver on other public holidays.

Do you cater to special dietary needs?

We’re sorry, but we do not cater to specific dietary needs like low-salt or pasted foods. However, we can modify the meal, like turning rice into porridge or providing minced food. Please consult with us.

If I’m not home, can you leave the meal at the entrance?

As part of our welfare check, we hand-deliver the lunch. If you’re not home, we can redeliver until 1:30 PM.

Farm Work

What kind of work is done on the farm?

We collaborate with “Usa Farm”, a strawberry house farmer in Seta, in an agricultural welfare partnership initiative. In addition to strawberry cultivation, we help with rice farming, rice sales, and other agricultural tasks. The term “farmer” is said to have originated from the idea of doing a hundred different types of tasks, so depending on the growth of the crops, there are various tasks involved in farming.

Can I engage in farming even if I don’t have much physical strength?

Yes, you don’t need to have a lot of physical strength. We assign agricultural tasks based on individual abilities. While the primary focus is on working in the strawberry house, there are also outdoor tasks. These tasks are subject to weather conditions (rain, snow, heat, cold) and involve interactions with various insects and small animals, so the work allows you to feel nature up close.


Please tell me the business hours and regular holidays.

Business Hours: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM; Last Order: 4:20 PM.
*Please note that we might close early on occasion.
Lunch Time: 11:30 AM – 2:30 PM
Closed on Sundays and the third Thursday of every month.

Can the café space be reserved for private events?

Currently, in view of the preventive measures against the spread of the novel coronavirus, we have suspended the reservation of the café space for private events.

Is there parking available?

Just across the pedestrian crossing in front of the Karashidane Building. We have space for four vehicles.  ▶See Access Map

CLC Karashidane Bookshop

Where can I inquire about the bookshop?

Phone inquiries: 075-574-1001
Email inquiries: clc@karashidane.or.jp
FAX inquiries: 075-574-0025.

What are the bookshop’s operating hours? When are you closed?

Operating hours are 11:00 – 17:00. We’re closed on Sundays but open on national holidays.
On the 3rd Thursday, only the bookshop operates; the café is closed.

Do you offer mail-order services?

Yes, we do. (Caution: We don’t have Online shopping system) We accept orders via email and FAX. Please refer to our ‘Booshop’ page for details.

Can I use credit cards, book cards, or electronic money?

We apologize, but they’re not accepted. Payment is cash only.

Do you sell items other than books?

We have CDs, DVDs, Christian-related supplies, handmade accessories, and other small items.。

Are only Christian books available in the shop?

While our inventory is primarily Christian books, we handle all kinds of books. We have books on welfare, psychology, social issues, picture books, etc. In case the book you want is out of stock but is in circulation, we can order it for you.

I want to buy a Bible; which version should I choose?

There are various translations from the original texts. Popular current editions include “New Revised 2017”, “New Common Translation”, “Japan Bible Society Translation”, “Literary Translation”, and “Colloquial Translation”. Note that the version used varies by church. Some people buy multiple translations for study.

Books are available in different sizes, and various font sizes are also offered. We recommend visiting our store to see for yourself.

Do you have books for children?

Yes, we have a variety of picture books and easy-to-understand Bible stories for children.

I don’t go to church; can I still buy a Bible?

Of course! Please ask your Bible-related questions directly at the bookshop counter.

Do you sell Bibles in languages other than Japanese?

We have limited stock in-store, but we can order for you.

Do you offer gift wrapping?

We do offer gift wrapping to the extent possible. Please confirm at the bookstore register

I need multiple copies of the same book; can I buy them right away?

Apart from new releases, we typically stock 1-2 copies. If you need more, we’ll have to order them. Please place your orders in advance.

Can I read the shop’s books in the café?

Books can be taken into the café only after purchase. Thank you for understanding.

About Used Books

Do you have Mail-order service for used books?

Yes, we do.(Caution: We don’t have Online shopping system) For inquiries and orders regarding used books, please contact us by email at clc@karashidane.or.jp. Although we regularly update the list of used books on our website, please understand that some titles might be sold out。

I’d like to know the price and condition of the used books.

Please inquire via email. As for the prices, they are generally set at or below the original cost. However, exceptions are made for rare books and older publications with outdated currency units.

Why do you ask for affiliations when ordering used books online?

We ask for your affiliation to prevent reselling. Many Christian books have limited reprints and can be quite valuable. Therefore, we aim to deliver these books at a reasonable price to those who truly need them.

I have books at home that I’d like you to buy. Do you purchase books?

We’re sorry, but we only accept donated books.

I’d like to donate CDs/DVDs.

For CDs and DVDs, we only accept unopened, brand-new items. As we cannot verify the condition of used items for any defects or damages, we generally don’t accept them. However, there are instances where we might accept used items for free distribution at the store. Please discuss with us for such cases.

Can you tell me about the “Used Book Lovers Club”?

The objective of the club is “To support the CLC Karashidane Bookshop through the circulation of used books”. Anyone who agrees with this purpose is welcome to join. Membership is free. Members have access to our used book collection section in the shop, excluding the first floor.
For more details, please ask our bookshop staff.